JPD is proud to introduce our first team rider Hunter Hanson. With a rider of such high caliber as Hunter coming on board with JPD, we are exited to see our future in the world of wake progress..


Hunter Hanson

Age: 27

Home town: Eau Claire, WI

Skiing professionally since 2005 for various parks and countries around the world

   Cypress Gardens 2005 to 2009

   Sea World of San Antonio 2009 to Present

   Stars of Florida professional water ski team 2005 to Present

   Have skied with Stars of Florida overseas in Spain, Qatar, Barbados,Turkey, Omen,

   Dubai, Columbia, Beirut and South Korea

Have been competing wakeboarding on the amateur and professional level in the WWA since 2002

   2012 WWA Monster Triple Crown of Cable/TSR’s Cable Stock 2nd Open Men (1st stop TX)

   2011 WWA Monster Triple Crown of Cable 1st Open Men (2nd stop FL)

   2011 WWA Monster Triple Crown of Cable 4th Open Men Structure Only (2nd stop FL)

   2010 WWA Wake Games 1st Men’s 2

   2009 WWA Wake Games 2nd Men’s 1

   2009 WWA Nationals 3rd Men’s 1

   2009 WWA Worlds 2nd Men’s 1

   2008 WWA Tige’ Pro-AM 4th Open Men

   2007 MasterCraft Chain Reaction 1st Pro Men

   2006 WWA Tige’ Pro-AM 15th Pro Men

   2005 WWA Tige’ Pro-AM 11th Pro Men

   2004 WWA Nationals 8th Men’s 1


   Forte’s Inboard Connection

   Liquid Force

   Monster Energy Drink

   Jet Pilot

   Spy Optic

   Jon Pagles Design

   Osiris Shoes

   Fly High Fat Sacs

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