JPD is a Fed EX Authorized ShipCenter.

You can drop off Fed Ex Ground & Fed Ex Express Packages here  with preprinted labels. Our Ground pick-up is at 10:00am M-F, and our Express pick-up is at 4:00pm M-F. If your package is not here before the pick-up it will go out the next pick up day. If you are just dropping off a package with a preprinted label it is like leaving it at a drop box and JPD is not liable for any lost, damaged, or returned packages. If you have any issues with your shipment you must call Fed Ex customer service.

We do recommend that you write down a copy of your tracking number or take a photo of your label with your phone for your records it is important that you hold on to your tracking information so you can verify delivery in the future if needed.

(no receipts will be printed for drop offs)


We also offer shipping services. You can bring in items you would like to ship domestically and we can create the label and ship it out for you. (we can not use third party account numbers to create labels, for us to print your label we have to bill the customer cash or credit)

If you do not have your items in a box not a problem. Fed Ex boxes are provided free of charge for items going Fed Ex Express Service. If it is something going out Fed Ex Ground or Home Delivery we do offer premade boxes at a charge or if it is something that will not fit in a premade box we can make one for you. If you need to have a custom box made please allow up to one week after you bring in your items before they may be ready to ship. We also sell packaging materials for when you are packing up your boxes as well. Jon Pagles Design is not liable for any lost, damaged, or returned packages weather packaged by customer or JPD.  If claims or problems with your shipment are not accepted or resolved with Fed EX, Jon Pagles Design is not liable. If you need any additional information about Fed EX shipping you can visit


We only offer shipping services Monday - Friday.

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