We have created a few tools that may be useful when you are planning your order. Especially handy when you are putting together a large apparel order for example, we know how overwhelming it can be when everyone is ordering a different size and keeping track can get confusing. These do work better than a napkin. Please don't be intimidated by them they are meant to help you. You can download them and print them out to fill in by hand or you can open them with free Adobe Reader to fill in on your computer and e-mail it back to us. (if you do not have the free adobe reader there is a link on the bottom of the page for you). Fill out what you would like, the important things are your contact information and the sizes and quantities. We can take care of the rest if you would like. We hope these will help make things easier for you, enjoy!

For those of you that may not have the free Adobe Reader click the link and follow the instructions that come up.

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