You have purchased or are bidding on a certificate valid for 1 Rear Window Perforated Decal up to  60”W x 29”H. Below are some sample photos and ideas you could use with your decal. This decal is done on the best perforated window material available on the market and is a 7 year out door durability, professionally designed and installed. Certificate #00012


Over a $250.00 Value


Action Shot of your Student Athlete

Your Favorite Golf Hole

Your Hunting Spot

A Beautiful Lake Photo

A Family Photo

Your Business Logo

A Photo of your Muscle Car

Think of what you could do!

*Actual certificate does not include side windows or vehicle wrap.

Terms & Conditions

This certificate is  valid for 1 Rear Window Perforated Decal up to  60”W x 29”H

This certificate includes Print, Material & Installation. It also includes basic set up of art if hi resolution digital file

is provided. (Like  something from your digital camera)

Does not include additional art such as adding backgrounds or isolating images.

*You would be responsible for the additional cost of artwork if that was something you would like add.

**No  low  quality  or copyright images will be accepted, when scaled to large formate will not print  well (files from Goggle images and similar sites will not be accepted)

***Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for installation depending on how busy we are.

If  the full value of the certificate is not used no cash will be given for the difference.

Please save this Certificate to present when redeeming your decal.                     Expires: 4/20/2017


Congratulations on your Donation

We wish you the best!

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