At JPD we strive to exceed our clients expectations. Whether just a simple logo design or completely customizing your self, team, or company. JPD has the experience, drive and the capabilities to handle what ever your design needs may bring.


Big or small the way you present yourself, team, or your company can completely set you apart from your competition. We make sure that what ever field, service, or activity  you are involved in, that you have the ability and the tools, to stand out, and leave an impression that people will never forget.


Graphic Design | Identity | Branding

We specialize in graphic design, with strong roots planted in art and drawing, we incorporate the new wave of technology, along with the demand for technology based design work. We have the tools and inspiration to achieve what you are looking for on a highly professional level.


Your logo and branding your company is critical to achieve your absolute potential. This is why we dedicate a tremendous amount of strategic planning to how your identity can maximize your success. Whether you're thinking of a simplistic one color vector logo, a sophisticated full color graphic, newspaper and magazine advertisements or, business cards and flyers, JPD can provide design layouts that are clean and deliver your message with eye catching performance.


Web Design

Now a days your presents on the web is critical to help your business grow, thrive and compete. More and more people turn to the Internet as there preferred method for finding products and services, as well as commerce and shopping. It is for these reasons, when you direct your potential customers to your site, your site is worth them visiting or they will not return. You must provide them with the information they are looking for, in a way they can find it easily. You want to stand out, up and above your competition. You need to have a site design that will do this for you. In other words don't settle for a build your own website template that then identifies your business with thousands of others. We could get into a whole article of many other cons to these types of site builders but for now just don't through your money away and just don't do it! The next step is to optimize your site with a strong SEO package to begin increasing the traffic flow to your site and your sales will follow. All of our sites come with a built in analytics program ,this allows you to track your site activities such as visitors and where they're from, how they entered your site, pages viewed, and much more. This program will also give you the ability to log in to the back end of your site from any computer. Here you to update information or add in new pictures on your own, with no coding required for you. If you have no interest in working on your site, JPD can maintain your site we have several options available.  A JPD web site will give you an extra edge and establish and enhance your on-line presence.

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